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Rotary Transformer

Rotary transformer torque sensors offer high accuracies and RPM ratings. They are designed with an advanced transformer, shaft and housing to provide enhanced durability in rugged industrial applications. Rotating shaft torque sensors are available in a wide range of configurations.  For Rotary Transformer products with a higher temperature range, please contact PCB Load & Torque, Inc. at 866-684-7107 or  Learn more...

Model # CapacityOverload LimitRotational Speed

4115K-01A50 in-lb150 in-lb15,000 RPM
4115K-04A500 in-lb1,500 in-lb15,000 RPM
4115K-03A200 in-lb600 in-lb15,000 RPM
4115K-02A100 in-lb300 in-lb15,000 RPM
4115K-13A10,000 in-lb15,000 in-lb15,000 RPM
4115K-07A1,200 in-lb3,600 in-lb15,000 RPM
4107-03A100,000 lbf-in150,000 lbf-in6,000 RPM
4107-02A50,000 lbf-in150,000 lbf-in6,000 RPM
4106-03A36,000 in-lb60,000 in-lb6,700 RPM
4106-02A20,000 in-lb60,000 in-lb6,700 RPM
4105-03A10,000 in-lb15,000 in-lb12,000 RPM
4105-02A5,000 in-lb15,000 in-lb12,000 RPM
4105-01A2,000 in-lb6,000 in-lb12,000 RPM
4104-03A2,000 in-lb3,000 in-lb15,000 RPM
4104-02A1,000 in-lb3,000 in-lb15,000 RPM
4104-01A500 in-lb1,500 in-lb15,000 RPM
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