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Creep (in 20 minutes)≤0.08 %≤0.08 %
Hysteresis≤0.03 % FS≤0.03 % FS
Measurement Range4,448 N1,000 lb
Non-Linearity≤0.05 % FS≤0.05 % FS
Non-Repeatability≤0.02 %RO≤0.02 %RO
Resonant Frequency3.2 kHz3.2 kHz
Sensitivity(±10%)2 mV/V2 mV/V
Load Limit (Axial Torque, MZ)22.6 Nm200 in-lb
Load Limit (Bending Moment, MX or MY)22.6 Nm200 in-lb
Load Limit (Side Force, FX or FY)445 N100 lb
Overload Limit6,672 N1,500 lb
Temperature Effect on Output (Maximum)±0.0015 %Reading/°C±0.0005 %Reading/°F
Temperature Effect on Zero Balance (Maximum)±0.027 %FS/°C±0.0015 %FS/°F
Temperature Range (Compensated) +21 to +77 °C +70 to +170 °F
Temperature Range (Operating)-18 to +93 °C0 to +200 °F
Bridge Resistance350 Ohm350 Ohm
Excitation Voltage (Recommended)10 VDC10 VDC
Insulation Resistance>5x109 Ohm>5x109 Ohm
Zero Balance±1 % FS±1 % FS
Deflection at Full Scale Capacity0.05 mm0.0025 in
Electrical Connection PositionSideSide
Electrical Connector10 ft - Integrated Cable10 ft - Integrated Cable
Housing MaterialAluminumAluminum
Mounting ThreadNo Metric Equivalent1/2-20 Thread
Sensing ElementStrain GageStrain Gage
Size (Length x Height x Width)51 mm x 76.2 mm x 25.4 mm2 in x 3 in x 1 in
Size - Diameter104.6 mm in
Weight195 g0.43 lb